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மார்க்க அறிஞர்கள்

Al Khobar, Rakka & Dammam,


Al Jubail , Qathif & Khafji







India/ Tamil Nadu


Sri Lankan/இலங்கை


  1. i am unable to see masood salafi’s name in this list

  2. yusuf ibnu hussain

    Ibrahim madani is not in list

  3. We searched Ansar Hussain firdousi’s name.it was not there…

  4. I can’t see mufti umar sherif kasimi in this list

  5. Rafaideen Sainul Abdeen

    Assalamu Alaikkum
    Pls Add This number 00974 70789798

  6. Rafaideen Sainul Abdeen

    assalamu alaikkum Please Add this No 00974 70789798

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